Inspections- When Do I Need One?

After the Permit is approved, inspections may be requested by submitting a request through the Citizen's Portal. All requests for inspection must be made through the town office. Inspections MAY NOT be scheduled directly with the building inspector.  

Requests for inspections by 10:00 am will be completed same day. Inspections called in after 10:00 AM will be scheduled for the following business day.

Inspections that do not meet the requirements will be considered red-tagged, and a re-inspection fee of $100 must be paid before the work can be re-inspected. A green tag left on the construction site indicates approval, and a red tag indicates that a re-inspection is needed.

The following are examples of inspections required for most new home projects; however, some projects may require more or fewer inspections.

  1. Plan Approval by town inspector (doesn't need to be called in). The permit must be visible from the street. BEFORE PLANS ARE APPROVED, EROSION CONTROLS, TRASH BINS, AND PORTA PRIVY MUST BE IN PLACE. ** The town engineer must approve plot plans prior to plan approval. 
  2. T-Pole Inspection
  3. Pier hole (if applicable)
  4. Plumbing Rough-in (water test) & Form Board Survey
  5. Foundation
  6. Seconds (Seconds inspections are to be completed simultaneously), there is an additional charge to have items inspected individually.
    1. Framing
    2. Fireplace
    3. Electrical Rough-In
    4. Mechanical Rough-In
    5. Plumbing Top-Out (2-story water test)
    6. Gas (water test)
    7. Brick Ties
  7. Flatwork, Approach, & Culvert
  8. Meter Releases
    1. Final Electrical
    2. Final Gas
  9. Finals
    1. Building
    2. Mechanical
    3. Plumbing
    4. Electrical
  10. Certificate of Occupancy

MAKE PAYMENTS. Schedule an Inspection or Apply for a Permit - through the Citizen Portal