Sprinkler/Irrigation Permit Application

Irrigation Permit Submittal Requirements 

 • Irrigation Application

 • Irrigation Plan depicting;

  •  State Irrigator stamp with signature and date 
  •  Drawn to scale with scale type designated 
  •  North directional arrow
  • Location of;
    • Water meter (include the size of meter) □
    • Backflow prevention device 
    • Isolation valve (to be installed between meter and backflow device) □
    •  Master valve (if installed, must be on the outflow side of backflow device) □ 
    • Zone valves (include size and flow rate, C+PM) and Zone number □ 
    • Rain/Freeze sensors (not allowed on fences) □ 
    • Pressure reducing valve, if required (required when static pressure is over 90 PSI. Location shall be installed immediately after the water meter) □ 
    • Main and lateral lines □ 
    • Controller (including Controller type and manufacturer) □ 
    • Property lines □ 
    • Sprays, Rotors, MP, etc. per zone 
  • The legend must include the identification of
    • Types of heads used □ 
    • Nozzle size □ 
    • Nozzle coverage (quarter, half, whole, adjustable, etc.) □
    •  Pipe types and sizes □ 
    • Separate zones □ 
    • Water flow measurements for each zone □ 
    • Spray coverage for each spray head □
    •  North directional arrow □ 
    • Type of controller and sensors □ 
    • Type of wiring used to each automatic valve □ 
    • Water pressure (static pressure, available working pressure, and design operating pressure)
    • Water meter (include the size of meter) □
    •  Throw arches of heads 
  • Statements; □ 
    • “This irrigation system has been designed in accordance with all applicable state and local laws, ordinances, rules, regulations or orders,” statement on plan. □ 
    • A statement that all piping will be buried a minimum of 6” below grade 

Inspections Required 

Residential Inspections are listed in the order they are to be scheduled

 □ Backflow- applicant will need to provide a backflow check form at the time of inspection

 □ Irrigation Final 

Inspections Information 

 An approved set of plans must be available onsite at all times. 

Have Freeze and Rain Sensors installed 

Demonstrate proof that the maintenance checklist has been given to the owner of the irrigation system, and the checklist shall include but not be limited to: 

  • A seasonal watering schedule 
  •  Manufacturer’s manual for the controller 
  • List of components that may require maintenance and recommended frequency of maintenance. 
  • Demonstrating to the owner how to “winterize the system” to prevent freeze damage, especially to the backflow protection device.
  •  Present “As-built” plans if approved plans have been modified 
  • Present an approved backflow test report