Right -of-Way Permitting

ROW permits are a crucial component in providing safe and effective use of streets and sidewalks during utility construction activities, allowing for:

  • Improved excavation safety and damage prevention for the public and workers who maintain utility systems.
  • Evaluation of Temporary Traffic Control for compliance with the Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Assessment of restoration efforts to protect the quality of existing public transportation infrastructure.

It is preferable that ALL projects by one entity that are to be completed within Shady Shores be submitted all at the same time. If multiple projects are expected within a 6-month time frame, please submit all projects together.

Applications are reviewed on Wednesdays.  

Emergency Notification

Emergency repairs may be conducted prior to permit application in response to an event that may threaten public health or safety, such as an unexpected or unplanned outage, cut, rupture, leak, or another failure of a utility’s existing system which prevents or significantly jeopardizes their ability to provide service to customers, or could result in danger to the public if the system is not immediately repaired, controlled, stabilized, or rectified.

Emergency repairs require immediate notice to Public Works and may only be conducted by a registered utility company or municipal utility.

  • Utility companies will be provided with a link for emergency notification upon application submission.
  • Within two business days from commencing an emergency repair, a formal ROW permit application must be submitted.

***Call (940) 600-1276 to report a municipal utility incident in the ROW that requires immediate attention, such as a power outage, downed electrical poles or wires, a water main break, a clogged or overflowing sewer main, or a leaking water meter or hydrant.***

ROW Inspections

The town shall be notified 48 hours prior to work beginning for an issued permit.

Inspections may be requested by emailing public.works@shady-shores.com.

For most ROW permits, the utility provider and/or contractor will need to request additional inspections to allow Town of Shady Shores Inspector to evaluate work activities for compliance with the conditions of the permit, town code, and town standard specifications. 

All inspection requests for an issued ROW Permit should be sent through Request an Inspection.


Contact the Public Works department by email. public.works@shady-shores.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate of Insurance (Should include):

  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation and Employer's Liability Coverage
  • All Coverage

Current Construction Plans (Should include):

  • The location of the facility being permitted. 
  •  The limits of the proposed work at no less than 1” = 100’
  • The location of all existing and proposed public facilities in relation to all proposed utilities, if there is a potential for conflict, including:
    • Town water lines, 
    • Storm drainage facilities 
    • Sanitary sewer lines 
    • Town Street light electric lines
    • Town Communication/Fiber Optic lines
    • The elevation of the existing and proposed public facilities shall be noted, or a profile shown, in relation to the proposed utility line, if there is a potential for conflict. The plans shall indicate how potential conflicts will be avoided. 
  • Contact 811 system- proof of request may be a copy of the request email
  • Contact LCMUA (if needed) - proof may be an email which includes an LCMUA representive
  •  Detail of proposed facility installation, i.e., pipe size, depth and dimensions of occupied space. If a utility structure is proposed, dimensions, type, and location shall be indicated on the plans. 
  • Pavement removal and replacement limits for street cuts, when allowed. 
    • Note that all street-cut replacements shall be full panels only.  
  • The length and depth of all bores. 
    • All concrete driveways and streets shall be bored. The length of the bore must be sufficient to meet the fully improved (ultimate) roadway width as specified in the Town of Shady Shores Thoroughfare Plan unless Right of Way to do so is not available. 
    • No pavement cuts in newly constructed, reconstructed or resurfaced (greater than one inch) asphalt streets shall be made for 60 months after the completion of the street work
    • Detailed drawings of any bores, trenches, hand holes, manholes, vaults, switch gears, transformers, and pedestals, including depth.
    •  The location of all trees and shrubs within the Right of Way and the landscape protection measures
    •  A complete legend of drawings.
    • Traffic Control Plan:
      1. Any work that may impact traffic flow or result in lane closures in streets will require a traffic control plan and the closures shall comply with the most current edition of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The permittee shall indicate on the permit application if a lane closure is required. It is the permittee’s responsibility to submit and obtain approval of a site-specific traffic control plan from the Department of Public Works and Transportation Traffic Engineering Division. 

In addition

 A permittee shall not cause or allow interference with traffic flow on any street included in the Thoroughfare Development Plan during the hours of 7 AM to 9 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday. If construction on a partially closed street stops for the day, all lanes must be reopened to traffic, unless an extended time of closure is expressly granted by the Town. Additional considerations regarding times of construction may be considered due to proximity to schools and the anticipated traffic issues. 

Right of Permits are submitted manually here.

We are not submitting ROW permits through the portal at this time. 

Once your application is submitted, we will manually enter it and notify you through the portal. If you have not yet, please click the link below and register as a user. 

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ROW permits may require submission assistance. Please call Katie at 940-600-1276 with any questions.