Astound Communications Construction Information

Astound Broadband Information

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Astound contractor construction process

- Permits for construction granted by the city/town

- Utility locates (paint, flags, etc. will be placed on or near your property prior to any digging)

- Equipment storage (parking equip out of the way in a safe place when not using, overnight)

- Potholing (locating utilities underground)

• Will require removal of grass

• Will require high-pressure water and suction.

- Excavation (machinery, shovel, etc.)

• Will require removal of grass

• Possibility of damage to sprinkler lines

• Possibility of damage to existing communication lines

• Contact the contractor or email for repairs

- Boring (underground drilling)

• Requires large machinery to be on or near driveways and sidewalks within the utility easement

• Certain lots require a road crossing which will require the bore machine to be placed on the property line between two lots to bore across the street

• All measures are taken to ensure no driveway or mailbox is being obstructed (it is not always possible to avoid these obstructions)

• All measures are taken to minimize damage to any property (plywood used to minimize track marks, mud/dirt, oil residue etc.)

- Pipe placement (pulling the pipe underground)

• Large trailers carrying pipe will need to be placed in areas along the street when pulling the pipe back

• All measures are taken to ensure no driveway or mailbox is being obstructed (it is not always possible to avoid these obstructions)

- Placement of above-ground equipment (handholes, pedestals etc.)

• In order to provide broadband service, it is necessary to place in-ground vaults and above-ground pedestals on certain properties. The placement of the equipment is engineered so that it provides the opportunity for service throughout the community (These items are placed on property lines and within the provided utility easement)

- Cleanup and repairs

• Once all the equipment is placed in the ground, the cleanup process begins

• All unnecessary mounds of dirt are removed from the area

• All sprinkler lines damaged by the contractor during work will be repaired.

• All grass removed by the contractor during the work will be placed back or new pieces will be placed (It is extremely important that you, as the homeowner, water the replaced grass thoroughly with a hose for several days so the grass can re-establish. Watering the replaced grass with normal sprinkler timing will not allow the grass to reestablish properly)

• A final walk-through will be completed by the Quality Control Inspector after the entire project is

completed to address any issues prior to the contractor leaving

• Questions, concerns, or to report damage, please email the QC and Safety Inspector at

Construction Areas and Tentative Dates

As construction areas are announced, we will post the information here. Please keep in mind, dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • 11/3-11/14 Arbor Shores and Meadowview (Dogwood Trail and Everett Court)
  • 11/14-11/21 Terra Di Lago 
  • 11/17-12/2 Mustang Estates
  • 11/28-12/9 Lakeshore Park -not yet approved
  • 12/1-12/31 Cielo Ranch- not yet approved