Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Permits

A permit for foundation repair is required by the Town of Shady Shores but the Town building inspector will not be doing any actual inspections.  The company performing the foundation repair will be required to submit all documentation pertaining to the repair to be saved in the parcel data records.   Homeowners will be instructed that if plumbing issues occur after the repair is completed, they will be required to obtain a plumbing permit to resolve those issues. 

Submittal Requirements:

  1. Permit Application
  2. HOA Approval (if applicable)
  3. All Foundation Repair Documentation

Plan Submittal: Plans will be submitted electronically online.


Inspections Required:



Cost:  The base permit price for this type of project is listed on the fee schedule. At a minimum, the project will require the above-listed inspections. Additional inspections will be subject to an increase in fees.