Demolition Permits

All demolition work requires a permit and must have approval from the Town Engineer.

Submittal Requirements

Demolition Application

A site plan depicting all structures on the property and the location of demolition

Submittal Process

Plans may be submitted online electronically through the application. 

Inspections Required

Sewer (if applicable)

Gas (Contact Carrier)

Electrical (Contact Carrier) 

Final (Schedule an Inspection) To verify utilities are adequately capped and shut off. MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE DEMOLITION BEGINS

Schedule an Inspection

Make payments HERE

As of September 1st, 2022 the $50.00 plan review fee will be due in order to start the permit process. Applicants will receive an email from the Permit Department with instructions once the application has been accepted. The plan review fee will be included as part of the final fees and is non-refundable. If the  $50.00 plan review fee is not paid within 30 days, the application will be voided and the fee will be collected again in order to re-start the application process. 

Fee Schedule HERE