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Town of Shady Shores Building Permit DEMOLITION

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  2. Town of Shady Shores

    Development Department

    101 S. Shady Shores Rd.

    Shady Shores, TX 76208

    940-498-0044 x 110

    Hours: 9:00 am- 2:00 pm; Monday-Friday

    Permit Tech: Joan Davis

  3. Storm water runoff from demolition activities can have a negative impact on water quality. Buildings prior to 1978 may have lead paint and buildings prior to 1990 may contain asbestos. As stormwater flows over a demolition site, it can pick up pollutants such as debris, chemicals and sediment, and transport these to a nearby storm sewer system or directly to a stream. Polluted stormwater runoff can harm or kill fish and other wildlife. Sedimentation can destroy aquatic habitat, and high volumes of runoff can cause stream bank erosion. Debris can clog waterways and contribute to local flooding. 

  4. Please list block and Lot Number

  5. Method of demolition
  6. Please provide proof of solid waste collection. 

  7. Upon completion of demolition, the contractor shall: leave the demolition site blade clean; fill, level, compact and smooth areas of the lot that is an apparent consequence of the demolition (note - a contractor is not required to fill, level, compact and smooth the demolition site if a building permit has been issued for new construction to being within 60 days of the completion of demolition).

  8. Acknowledgement

    The Undersigned applicant certifies that the project described herein will be built according to plans and specifications submitted at the time of application. All provisions of laws and ordinances governing this type of work will be complied with whether specified herein or not. Granting of a permit does not presume to give authority to violate or cancel the provision of any local or state law regulating construction or the performance of construction. When a permit has not been issued within 180 days following the date of application, the application and plan review will expire. The town does not assume responsibility for the workability of sanitary sewer on all lots. 

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